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Transform data into insight

Brand Tracking
Brand Tracking
Get to know your brand performance starting from brand awareness, usage, purchase intention.
Market Research
Market Research
Analyze your market by testing your market competitive, market behavior, purchasing power.
Product Test
Product Test
Get to know your product opinion by gathering people’s opinion about price testing, brand testing, concept testing.
Customer Satisfication
Customer Satisfication
Gathering any information about your user experience after using or consuming your product.

Find your audience

To get the best survey result, you have to find the right panelist and collect responses that you need to make decision on. Surfee provide panelists who are interest participating in surveys and meets the necessary demographic criteria.

3 Easy steps to getting started


Define your respondents

Write down the criteria of the respondents that you targeted. How many that you want, When it want to start?


Create a Survey

Fill the survey question, we support multiple choice, checkbox, open question, priority, and many more.



Voila, your survey is live now and real time answer is serve on your dashboard, Don't forget we provide you to export the result and our platform simplify the analysis for you.

Calculate your cost here

Cost per answer by respondent is IDR 3.000



“In just 3 days I got 400 respondents according to the target I wanted. Even though Surfee is paid survey platform but the price is still affordable prices within our reach of students. Surfee is really SUPER RECOMMENDED for those who want to make a thesis or assignment that needs a lot of respondents.”


“This Survey Platform help me with my startup business, with this survey platform I can find out about the preferences for each customer before I implement my strategy. Surfee is the definition of simple and organize... If Surfee can help me, I bet surfee can help you!!”


“Surfee is really helpful to my needs especially to gathering some datas and searching for respondents, the fastness of data collection from the specified respondents give me some creative insights and transform it into usefull material that I can use to my thesis application ”

Graphic Designer

“As a designer, I think Surfee can help me in representing something with research assistance that I can make, considering the different interpretations of things. With this Surfee, it can help me to conclude and finally be able to produce works that can be understood by the general public.”


“To develop business now a days, data is crucial thing to be the fondation of the business itself. because how we can understand the market and fullfill they needs is doing a survey and it can be answered with surfee. When I use surfee, i could determine what's respondent target to collecting the data so it so targeted to the market segementation of my product and the price is also afordable, it's on the budget survey. For you who want to develop your business, You should have try it !”